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Why you should be a part of the accelerator

The increase in urban population in African cities has resulted to diversification and an upsurge in transport needs. Both public transport and private car use have drastically risen resulting to road congestion and air pollution. This nonetheless, provides a huge opportunity to provide transformative urban mobility solutions that can offer more travel options, reduce the travel time, cost and risk, and provide comfort for its users.

Why Join

Get an opportunity to immerse yourself to the mobility ecosystem in Kenya and Uganda

Get access to mentorship and guidance from leading practitioners in mobility and startup development to help you advance your startup

Get linkages to partners who are interested in mobility and startups like GIZ, Shell Foundation, UnHabitat as well as Government agencies and officials in participating countries

Get a chance to win a grant (up to $25000) as the most promising startup of this cohort during the mobility summit in October 2020